Plan your blog content

Plan your blog content

It takes 4 minutes to create your calendar from scratch.

Why you should use this template to plan your blog content calendar?

Most successful blogs publish content regularly and more importantly on a consistent schedule. Designing a good blog publishing schedule has many aspects mostly around type of content you are writing as well as the audience's general reading behavior.

Regardless of the strategy behind the schedule, eventually you will need to track what you plan to write, what you write and go thorugh the process to work on multiple drafts (perhaps with a team) and eventually bring each blog content to "ready to publish" state. Then it all comes down to scheduling posts to go live.

We crafted this blog content planning template that will help you to add your own process to it while you keep everyting organized and have it be visible on your calendar using Sheet2Cal

Here is what your Google Sheets
document should look like...

And this is how it is reflected on
your calendar

It works with all popular calendars such as Google, Apple and Outlook.

How it works?

It’s just 3 simple steps!

01. Create your Google Sheet document

Create your event list in google sheet,
at least with event name and date.

Create your Google Sheet document
02. Create your sheet2cal url

Combine your sheet id with
your sheet2cal account url

Create your sheet2cal url
03. Import the URL to your calendar

Add new calendar subscription with the
sheet2cal URL to your favorite calendar app.

Import the URL to your calendar

Use your calendar as if you were taking
notes on your notebook.

Here are the ready-to-use templates we created for you.

Asked Questions

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Reach us at [email protected]

No, we can only access to the Google Spreadsheet document you provide it’sID in the calendar subscription URL. We will not perform Google services authentication or ask permission for access to your account.

No, we only read your spreadsheet. No write operation is performed to the documents we access.

We’re a small passionate digital product people both create useful tools like these as well as do client work to pay the bills. Learn more about us and our work at

We use many services in our day to day work including Google Apps. We love Google Sheets for it’s flexibility and low barrier to learn and work with it. We respect a lot of teams have their own flavor in their documents and may not want to stay with the fixed “calendar” apps or a dedicated service to manage X process that needs to be reflected in their calendar.

This is why we created sheet2cal to seamlessly reflect the flexible sheet data in our calendars.

Short answer is yes. We created sheet2cal because we needed it and wanted to share with the world.

Long answer is, not free forever. We have intention to keep it free until scaling it to a lot of happy users that will require more resources for server, and maintenance costs. We believe this won’t happen in few years (or we have no idea how many people is waiting for a service like this :). sheet2cal will operate for free for this period.

In the future, even if we go with paid model, we appreciate you are being early users which will keep the service for free for users until a paid plan is announced.

We are no evil corp, makes every move for money. We believe in good, and we created sheet2cal service for being useful. We’re small, passionate, good and fair people and even in expensive costs to us, we don’t have any intentions to ask anything more than cost of a cup of coffee for a month.

Let’s do it!

We would be more than happy if we could see that you’re using sheet2cal.

It’s free and secure!